Family Search Account

Create an LDS Account

1. Go to the website

2. Click on “Sign in with LDS Account”.

3. Under the "Sign in" button, click on “Register for an LDS Account”.

4. Click on “Register as a Member”.

5. Enter your date of birth and membership record number.  A member of the bishopric can look up your membership record number in LDS Tools if you can’t find it there yourself.

6. Enter your first name and last name in the boxes provided.

7. Enter your User Name.  This is a unique name which you supply.  I suggest your first and last names as one word with no spaces and no caps, but if you have a favorite user name which you use for other applications, feel free.  If someone else in the system is already using that exact name, the system will tell you to try something else.

8. Record your user name somewhere where you won’t forget it.

9. Enter a password.  This is also something you supply and must be unique.  I suggest something that has no meaning, so someone can’t figure it out based on what they know about you, so you MUST record it somewhere, along with your user name, in a safe place in case you can’t remember it later on.  It’s your entrance key into the system, and recovering a forgotten one is kind of a big deal.  It should be at least 8 characters long and contain both letters and numbers, and some of the letters should be upper case.

10. Record your password somewhere where you won’t forget it.

11. You will use this user name and password each time you log into Family Tree.

12. Check your gender, male or female, and pick your country from the list.

13. Enter your email address in the recovery options section.

Check the box that says you’ve read and agree with the privacy policy.

Click on the Register button.

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