Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Family history is something that we all know we are supposed to be doing.  Yet, our youth and young single adults balance school, extra curricular activities and other church responsibilities.  Parents are balancing work, helping with homework, building a home, and maintaining a family.  Retired members are also deeply engaged in community service, grandchildren, and other responsibilities.    Others may feel that since other family members have done so much genealogy that they are exempt from this commandment or would not know where to begin.  While we all know as members we must make time for genealogy this work often time comes with great impediments.

But do not fret, as Elder Boyd K Packer has promised us:  “There somehow seems to be the feeling that genealogical work is an all-or-nothing responsibility. Genealogical work is another responsibility for every Latter-day Saint, and we may do it successfully along with all the other callings and responsibilities that rest upon us…You can fulfill your obligations to your kindred dead and to the Lord without forsaking your other Church callings. You can do it without abandoning your family responsibilities. You can do this work. You can do it without becoming a so called expert in it.”

This website has been designed to assist users in starting their genealogy work.  It will answer questions to how to start at your home, go to the family history library, or work with your youth in starting their own work.  We will look at new innovations in genealogy that allows those who feel their tree is all but done that there is yet more work to be done.  By taking some time every single Sunday we as a ward can meet our Bishop's goal of bringing one new name to the temple each year.

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