Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ward and Stake Family History Consultants

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part of genealogy!  To help we currently have three members of our ward who can help you.

Ward Family History Consultants
Bill Saddler

Alejandra Saddler

Gwen Eddington

Youth Family History Coordinator
Francisca Hakes

Stake Family History Library Coordinator
Larry Jay Taylor

Karen Sue Taylor

Stake Family History Consultant
Lisa Hakes

Please call either the Saddler or the Taylor Families for available hours in the stake family history library located in the Idaho LDS Chapel at 2915 E Idaho Ave Las Cruces NM 88001.  The library is open during from 12 to 1 every Sunday for Rio Grande ward drop ins.  It is also usually open Tuesday and Wednesday Night and Thursday and Saturday in the day time.  Please call to ensure the library is open when you need it.

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